Color Guard

Captain: Cadet Captain Elaina Begay

The KCHS Color Guard is the most represented team at our high school. They present the American flag at sports events, ceremonies, and certain social functions. There are usually four people in a color guard, but there can be as few as three. Our color guard presents the flags at the majority of our football, basketball and volleyball games, as well as during parades and social functions.

Armed Drill Team

Team Captain:  Cadet Captain Izic Thomas

The KCHS Drill Team is a ROTC performance and exhibition team. There are armed and unarmed as well as male, female, and mixed teams. The Drill Teams wear the green Army uniform and do drills that involve marching, spinning rifles, facing movements, and other impressive coordinated performances. The Drill Team creates knowledgeable leaders and cadets that benefit our high school’s JROTC program.


Rifle Team

Captain: Cadet Captain Darius Decker

 The KCHS Rifle Team is a precision shooting team in the sporter class division. They compete in the drill meets using air rifles and shoot from standing, kneeling, and prone positions. We have two teams, "A" and "B", members of which compete amongst each other for the right to represent KCHS at JROTC drill meets and prove that we ARE the best.

Raider Team

Captain: Cadet Captain Lauren Bee

The JROTC Raider Team is based on physical fitness. They compete in competitions that involve sit-ups, push-ups, running, going through obstacle courses, doing relays, and much more. This team practices daily, like any sport team would, to be in top condition for all competitions that they will participate in. The Raider Team enjoys the satisfaction of being able to perform at a drill meet and win thanks to both their physical and mental strengths.

This page was updated on September 14, 2018