What is Infotrac?

Infotrac is a New Mexico State Library funded database of over 1,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers; it uses a simple of Boolean search to find articles. Infotrac is found on the KCHS home page. Click here to visit Infotrac. Password: cactus

What is required to check out a book?

To check out a book from the library, you must have no fines/or overdue books. If you have a fine or an overdue book, you must first return the book and pay your fines to be able to check out more books.


How long do I keep the book(s)?

Once you are approved to check out a book, you have three school weeks (approximately 20 days) to get the information you need or to simply read the book. If you need more time bring the book to the library and renew it.


Is there a limit to how many book(s) I can check out?

Yes, there is a limit on the number of books that can be
checked out. Three (3) books can be checked out at any given time.



What happens if the books are late? What happens if I lose a book?

You are charged an overdue fine of 10 cents per school day, per book, up to $5.00 maximum. If you lose/damage the book you must pay the replacement cost of the book. A student who has a fine, or an overdue book may not check out additional materials until fines are cleared and books are returned. The student is responsible whether or not they receive a notice. If there is an error on the notice a student should see the library staff immediately.


Who is responsible for the book?

Students are responsible for books and materials checked out in their name. If a book checked out to a student is loaned to another student, it remains the responsibility of the student who checked out the book from the library to return the book, pay the fine, or pay for the book(s). Students are strongly encouraged to keep books they've checked out in their possession.

To Obtain Access



Infotrac is a full- text database that features a wide variety of content from academic journals and general magazines.


Login Info:
Password: Cactus

American Newspapers


An online source-containing every article from The Albuquerque Journal, Las Cruces News, and Roswell Daily Record.

The following is the login information for use inside the institution (Use the icons on the library computer desktops for the newspapers and archives).


Computer Access:
Your ID is: centralcsd
Your Password is: centralcsd

Denver Post

The following is the login information used on the website, select Denver Post for the newspaper.
Login Info:
The Username Is: bronco
Your Password is: newspaper

Choices 360


Choices 360 site license for assessments, college database, lots of career information. Students will create their own account and portfolio or use the generic KCHS login.


Create an account:
The activation code is:



It is a site that will help you cite all your books. magazines, and websites for research papers.

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