Freshman Action Plan

Welcome to your first year of at Kirtland Central High School. It's never to early to prepare for college. Since colleges look at all 4 years of high school, you don't want to wait till your junior year to prepare. Colleges will look at your GPA, classes you took, clubs or organizations you participated in and your SAT/ACT scores. So this is a perfect opportunity to plan out your four years at KCHS.



Meet with your guidance counselor to determine which classes are right for you. Remember you are now on the credit system and every credit counts. You will be developing a Next Step plan during the year. Plan on visiting with your counselor.


Get a jump on college by taking honors classes. Check to see if there are any prerequisites for those classes.


Look to see if there are any clubs that you may want to try and join.


Focus on getting good grades and keeping your GPA above a 3.0.


Explore for ways to volunteer and give back to the community.


Use the summer to explore jobs and careers that you may be interested in.


Attend a summer camp for the summer.