Students always have an opportunity to meet with their counselor to review current courses and plan for future ones. College and career planning also begins from the moment students enter Kirtland Central High School. Each student has complete access to the Guidance office and the school counselors.

Items that are available in the Guidance office are: Dual Credit information, scholarships, college information, ACT & SAT waivers, SAT college application waivers and summer opportunities. The counselors are available to help and get answers that you may have.

Counseling is not limited to academic issues, and if a student is going through a crisis or needs help with personal issues they can arrange personal counseling. If the counselor determines that a student's issues go beyond the scope of Kirtland Central High School's services then a referral may be made to contact outside community agencies.

Guidance News

Dual Credit

Students who are interested in taking Dual Credit classes, please see Ms. Beyale and Mr. Joe. Remember to treat your dual credit classes seriously as they can impact your college transcript! If you need more information on Dual Credit please visit the Dual Credit page.