Alumni: 1990's



Homecoming Parade Float
  Dine Queen: Gayla Yellowman (accompanied by Rhonda White)
Boys' Representatives: Billy Cunningham and Derek Martin
Girls' Representatives: Heather Arnold and Lori Stock
Fashion in 1990!
Winter Royalty: Billy Cunningham and Heather Arnold Most Athletic: Bobby Ockerman and Treena Royston
Most Likely to Succeed: Lisa Hawkins and Cryil Collyer Prom King and Queen Jim Garcia and Lori Stock
President: Sherri Thomas
Vice-President: Bobby Ockerman
Secretary/Treasurer: Sheridan Triplett
Best Dressed: Diane Begay and Derek Martin




Class Favorites

Most Athletic

Most Athletic
Shawn Bedoni, Heidi Hohenberg

Best Dressed

Best Dressed
Bryon Jones, Lisa Beckstead

Best Smile

Best Smile
Charles Palmer, Jami Merrill

Class Clowns

Class Clowns
Connie Bitsilly, Jared Wride

Best Friends (couple)

Best Friends
Krishna Laudenslager, Sean Eyring

Most Liekly to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed
David Fishgrab, Jeanette Sanchez

Wildest Laugh

Wildest Laugh
Mindy Mascarenas, Eric Johnson

Wildest Personality

Wildest Personality
Chris Linn, Melodee Atanasoff



Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen
Heidi Hohenberg
Homecoming King
Homecoming King
Leondro Natonabah



Jami Merrill
Brian Bradley


Lisa Beckstead
Roger Cummings


Prom Queen

Prom Queen
Melodee Atanasoff

Prom King

Prom King
Loven Jack


Charlotte Kanuho
Dwayne Thompson


Roger Cummings
Attendant \
Shealyn Begay




Senior Council:

President - Bruce Frazier

Vice-President -Teri Bussell

Secretary - Melissa Sweek

Winter Royalty: Raylene Royston and Alfred Ration
Homecomming: Darwin Begay and Melissa Touchin Prom King and Queen: Jonathon Willie and Gwenn Atanasoff

Senior favorites:

Funniest Laugh - Jes Elliott and Jason Elliott

Most Athletic - Erna Benally and Darwin Begay

Class Clowns - Krista House and Marsh Kimball

Most Flirtatious - Don Fieldstead and Tammie Rudd

Dine Royalty: Dino Arthur andTreena Junes



Burly Man and Robust Woman Precious Duo Myrthful Smirk Destined to Prevail
BurlyManandRobustWoman PreciousDuo MyrhtfulSmirk DestinedtoPrevail

Travis Thomas

Karen Max

Heather Duncan

Bob Begay

Cory Manus

Monique Tea

Aaron Bloomfield

Kristy Kinsel


Class Jesters Untamed Tresses Outrageous Howl Superior Attire
ClassJesters UntamedTresses OutrageousHowl SuperiorAttire

Jon Flack

Kristen Bond

Jesse Horton

Renee Garcia

Dorrance Holiday

Dodi Biggs

Romeo Maryboy

Natalie Beckstead



President Vice President Secretary
President Vice President Secretary
Karla Flack Heather Duncan Jenni Biser


Representatives Representatives
Representatives Representatives

Girl Reps:

Karen Max

Rayette Benett

Boy Rep:

Bobby Anderson

Girl Rep:

Kristy Kinsel

Boy Rep:

Jayd Truitt



Homecoming King Homecoming Queen
Homecoming Homecoming
Oliver Charles Karla Flack



Winter Royalty King Winter Royalty Queen
WinterRoyalty WinterRoyalty
Rudy Keetah Amanda Tolino


Girl's Basketball


The Lady Broncos Basketball won the 3A State Championship for the 9th time. They defeated Shiprock 47-46. The head coach was Larry Sorenson.






Class Clowns Most Flirtatious
Most Flirtatious Tamara Penn and Randy Wells
Class Clowns Chesney Frazier and Aaron Facka
Cutest Couple

Winter Royalty

Winter Royalty: Carar Foutz and Owayne Benally

Cutest Couple Jony Pete and Cris Pete
Funniest Laugh Most Likely to Succeed
Funniest Laugh: Augustin Wood and Charlene Lee Most Likely to Succeed:Traere Dickens and Ken Salaz
Most Athetic Shyest
Most Athletic: Celesto King and Slubby Bennally Shyest: Dyllan Johnson and Angela Bloomfield
Secretary President
Secretary: Kari Henderson President: Celeste King
Vice-President and Girls Representative Homecoming Royalty
Vice-President Byron Aspaas and Girls' Representative Cara Foutz Homecoming Royalty: Jeremy Begay and Kimberly Touchin
Prom Queen Prom King
Prom Queen: Sarah Rogers Prom King: Beau Brady



Girl's Basketball


The Lady Broncos Basketball won the 3A State Championship for the 10th time. They defeated Shiprock 57-54. The head coach was Dexter Irvin.








Student Council Secretary:
Amber Roberts


Bronco King and Queen:
John Beckstead & Chalana Platero


Homecoming Royalty:
Shara Dickens & Micheal Hawkins


Prom Court:


Prom King:
Donavan Tallbrother


Prom Queen:
Destiny Tea



Most Athletic:
Tresie Facka, Omni Warner,
Rocky Martin, & Tasha Begay

Band King and Queen:
Micheal Thompson & Alicia Lambert

Class Clowns:
Crystal Gerber, Brandon Rudd,
Shon Seely, Candice Todacheeney,
& David Lucero


Tyson Wethingtion, SHarmon Wheeler,
& Willie Cockrell


Best Eyes:
Jonathan Slim & Bridgette Jones


Student Council:
President: Kally Bowers
Vice President: Shara Dickens


Best Computer Hacker:
Landri Wauneka, Stacey Willis,
& Jerry Mendoza


Best Dressed:
Destiny Tea & Flonna Benally


Most Likely to earn a Doctorite First:
Devova Bedoni & Vermonica Joe


Most Talented:
Alex Nelson & Alia Scott


Most Likely to Succeed:
Lucias Begay, Loretta Gabehart,
Kally Bowers, & Byron Whitehorse


Cutest Duo:
Joshua Arthur & Lorenda Chase


Most Spirited:
Melissa Wethingtion
& Maureen Harwood


Best Smile:
Kristie Kennedy, Lathan Benally,
& Valerie Frank


Kevin Chavez, Yvonne Begay,
& Melanie Yazzie


Best Personality:
Pernell Houge, Delbert Thomas,
Jean-Marie Foutz, Cheryl Pinto,
& Yancey Cluff


Most Likely to become President:
Lisa Hale & Chad Smith


Most Likely to become a Millionaire:
Rhoda Blueeyes, Bloivia John,
& Shawn Allison


Girl's Basketball


The Lady Broncos Basketball won the 3A State Championship for the 11th time. They defeated Shiprock 68-49. The head coach was Dexter Irvin.








Senior Class Officers:

Girl Representative: Heather Yazzie

Girl Representative: Teresa Touchin

Vice-President: Coby Martinez

Boy Representative: Randy Nelson

Secretary: Dava Kieth

President: Desiree Benally


Friendliest Nature:

Stanton Sherwood


Michelle Julian

Most Successful:

Karyn Karlin


Alonzo Benally

Most Talented:

Jennifer Bloomfield


Randy Nelson

Couple96 Clowns96 legs96 looks96 flirts96

Cutest Couple:

Wilma Jim


Brandon Horse

Class Clowns:

Jamie Wright


Jason Pacheco

Best Legs:

Julie Perea


Randon Reboca

Best Looks:

Christell Begay


Chris Lucero

Biggest Flirts:

Rocky Bridges


Melissa Silva

sbofficers96 spirit96 Bestlooking96 Athletic96 welldressed96

Student Body Officers:

Boy Rep.:Tyler Thomas

Vice Pres.:Craig Harris

Girl Rep.:Marissa Touchin

Pres.:Stanton Sherwood

Secretary.:Starla George

Most School Spirit:

Andrea Linn


Dave Busch

Best Bodies:

Mark Wilkie


Tami Danley

Most Athletic:

DeAnza Anderson


Darren Stewart

Most Well Dressed:

Craig Harris


Heather Yazzie






Homecoming Attendants:

Alonzo Benally


Marissa Touchin

Homecoming King and Queen:

Chris Lucero


Karyn Karlin

Homecoming Attendants:

Lynell Yazzie


Lorrie Boy


Girl's Basketball


The Lady Broncos Basketball won the 3A State Championship for the 12th time. They defeated Pojoaque 61-55. The head coach was Dexter Irvin.




Student Body Officers MOst Likely to Succed

President Corey Doolin, Vice-President Reina Torrez, Girls Rep. Deborah Lucero, Edie Crow, and Boys Rep. Aaron Grossman, Thaddus Wilkerson

Most Likely to Succed: Erica House and Thaddus Wilkerson
Friendliest Mr. Scorch and Miss Flame
Friendliest: Christina Allen and George Cluff Mr. Scorch and Miss Flame Lydell Hogue and Leander Yazzie
Cutest Couple Best Dressed
Cutest Couple: Kristina Walker and Ben Foutz Best Dressed: Shayla Pete and Lance Anderson
Most outgoing Most Athletic
Most Outgoing: Kristi Cherrey and Alex Parrish Most Athletic: Alena Wells and Jacob Cockrell
Most Flirtatious King and Queen
Most Flirtatious: Brandy Jones and Chance Rogers Homecoming King and Queen Lance Anderson and Calandra Denetchiley
Class Clowns Best SmileBest Smile: Vanessa Dan and Brandon Dixon
Class Clowns: Tasha Arthur and Corey Doolin



Senior Class Officers

President: LeAnn Lee

Vice Presindent: Erin Hald

Secretary: Meredith K. Yazzie

Girl Reps: Shihomi Yazzie, Carly J. Hawkins

Boy Reps: Brandon S. Hohenberg, Jason Doolin



Homecoming Royalty Winter Royalty
Homecoming WinterRoyalty

King: Nick Crawford

Queen: Shannon Padilla

King: Darian Platero

Queen: Sharona Lee


nice99 athletic bestdressed99 shyest99

Voted the Nicest:

Christine Hopkins Jeremy Bloomfield

Voted the Most Athletic:

LeeAnn Beasley

Timothy Duncan

Voted the Best Dressed:

Angela Bradshaw

Darin Deschiney

Voted the Shyest:

Megan Ray

Shawn Walraven

Outgoing99 flirtatious99 MostLikelyToSucceed99

Voted the Most OutGoing:

Lisa Butterfield

Richard Ballard

Voted the Most Flirtatious:

Kathryn Norwood

Ramondos Jim

Voted Most Likely to Succeed:

Janea Childress

Benny Blueeyes



Homecoming King Homecoming Queen
Homecoming Homecoming


Girl's Basketball

The Lady Broncos Basketball won the 3A State Championship for the 13th time. They defeated Artesia 46-33. The head coach was Dexter Irvin.