Alumni: 1970's




Mr. and Miss CHS Bronko King and Queen
Mr. and Miss CHS:
Debbie McCullough and Merl Farnsworth
Bronco King and Queen:
Sheri Foutz and Toni Ulibarri


Most Spirited


Most Versatile
Most Spirited:
Vona Scott and Fred Massengale
Most Versatile:
Debbie McCullough and Verl Farnsworth


Dineh King and Queen


Best Citizens
Dineh King and Queen:
Tommy Draper and Janett Yellowman
Best Citizens:
Eugene Stocker and Susan Evan


Homecoming Queen and Attendants


Homecoming Queen and Attendants:
Gretchen Myers, Debbie McCullough
and Vona Scott
Most Friendly:
Ramsey Harrison and Sheri Foutz


Senior Class Favorites


Senior Class Officers
Senior Class Favorites:
Gretchen Myers and Merl Farnsworth
Senior Class Officers:
President - Toni Ulibarri
Vice-President - Fred Massengale
Secretary - Sheri Foutz


Cristmas Beau and Sweetheart

Christmas Beau and Sweetheart
Richard Crum and Kim Grisolano


Fourth time in school history to be state football champions.

They beat Eunice 12-3, the head coach was Ed Fusion







Homecoming Queen:
Miss Darlene Carle
Senior Class Favorites:
Cheryl Stock and Brett Sims
Kirtland Central's Council Seniors
Garland Ray, Larry Dunlap, and Kim Grisolano
Christmas Beau and Sweetheart

Rhonda Donaldson and Rick Arnold

Bronco King and Queen:
Aaron Hogden Melody Hackney







Junior Attendant Homecoming Queen Senior Attendant
Homecoming1 HomecomingQueen Homecoming2
Julie Evans Kim Grisolano Pam Walraven


Mr. and Miss CHS   Senior Favorites
Mr.andMiss.CHS   SeniorFavorites

Ricard Crum and Kim Grisolano


Leo Yazzie and Roberta Foutz


Dineh King and Queen   Bronco King and Queen
DinehKingandQueen   BroncoKingandQueen

Leo Yazzie and Linda Denetclaw


Richard Crum and Linda Hardin







Dine King and Queen:
Davis Harwood & Fannie Blue Eyes

Homecoming Queen:
Mary Hogden

Senior Class Favorites:
Tim Germaine & Linda Motteshard



Mr. and Miss C.H.S.:
Garland Prater & Julie Evans







Winter Duke and Dutchess

Mike Johnson, Lena Harwood, Beryl Knudson, Doug Johnson, Cindy Ulibarri, Chat Foutz

Senior Class Favorites

Leland Adair

Mori Farnsworth

Mr and Miss CHS:

Cheryl Dunlap and Roddy Hunt

Anna Farnworth - Attendent

Jody Walraven - Queen

Linda Shocklee - Attendent


Class AA 1973 State Football Champions
Fifth time in school history to be state football champions.

They defeated Jal 34-0 the head coach was Ed Fusion.







DIne Club Princess and Prince:
Eva Nakai and Sam Bee

Mr. and Miss C.H.S.:
Garye Higgins and Sylvia Wood

Senior Class Favorites:
Blaine Foutz and Gwen Huntsman


Yevette Sherwood


Arvin Trujillo







Attendant Homecoming Queen Attendant
Attendant1 HomecomingAttendant Attendant2
Judy Bussell Elva Farnsworth Lisa Cline


Mr. and Miss CHS:

Winter Royalty
Mr.andMissCHS WinterRoyalty

Darrell James

Evla Farnsworth

Tom Adair

Racheal Cordova


Dineh Royalty Favorite Seniors
DinehRoyalty SeniorFavorites
Raymond Jones, Priscilla Pete, Johnson Bee, Verna Johnson, King: Jimmy Bowman, Queen: Clara Daw, Ricky Begay, Margaret Charley

Mike Johnson

Judy Bussell

Bruce Hankins







Homecoming Royalty Dineh Club Royalty
Homecoming DinehRoyalty

Queen: Kelly Peterson

Attendant: Lisa Stock

Attendant: Margie Christensen

Jervanna Joe, Raymond Jones, Gloria Beleen, Harold C. Begay, Jennifer Benally, John Arthur, Pricilla Pete


Mr. and Miss CHS Senior Class Favorites
Mr.andMisCHS ClassFavorites

Harold Begay and Michelle Sherwood

Glendona Howe and Ricky Foutz







Class Officers


Shane Gallagher

Vice President

Vice President
Tim Bahoravitch



Sheri Adair


Harvey Harwood, Colette Ashcroft, Audrey Huntsman and Raymond Jones.


Senior Favorites
Colette Ashcroft Tim Bahoravitch
Colette Ashcroft Tim Bahoravitch


Denise Jordan- Vince Ulibarri- nominees Homecoming King and Queen Nominees Audrey Huntsman and Kenny Irvin

Homecoming Nominees:
Denise Jordan

Vince Ulibarri

Homecoming King and Queen:
John Sherwood
Sheri Adair
Homecoming Nominees:
Audrey Huntsman
Kenny Irvin


Mr and Miss CHS
Mr. and miss. CHS
Mr. Tim "Boho" Bahoravitch and Miss Sheri Adair


Basketball Players

The Boy's Basketball team won the 3A State Championship for the 1st time in school history.

They defeated Albuqerque Academy 67-59, the head coach was Randy Lykins.


Cross Country team


Cross-country won state this year. Wilbur Nakai also won State in Cross-crounty. His two year record shows only two losses to nine wins.

Valedictorians: Bryon Manning and Craig Collyer
Salutatorians: Tim Bahoravitch and Cindy Jones




Attendants Senior Class Officers
Duke and Dutches Attendants:
Cindy Ashchroft and David Scroggins
Senior Class Officers - President M'lu Smith (center), Treasurer: Philip Weeks (top left),
and Vice-President: Richard Givens
Mr. and Miss CHS Homecoming Royalty
Mr. and Miss C.H.S.:
Baye Farnsworth and M'lu Smith
Homecoming Royalty:
Brooke Foutz and Glen Kirk