Alumni: 1960's


Mr.andMiss.KCHS ChristmasDance

Mr C.H.S.: Tommy Davidson

Miss C.H.S.:Jana Deen Slade

Queen: Joan Jack

Beau: Danny Sherwood



Student Council


Top Row: Alene Evans, Secretary; James Ramsey, Parliamentarian; Dennis Lukehart, David Isbell


Bottom Row: Vice President; Judy Staats, Treasurer; Merlene Stout, Reporter; Jana Deen Slade, President; Joan Jack



Senior Favorites

SeniorFavorites SeniorBestCitizens BestAllAround BestNatured

Senior Favorites:

Nona Palmer

James Ramsay

Senior Best Citizens:

Carol Emerson

Jim Miller

Best All Around:

Joan Jack

David Isbell

Best Natured:

Donnie Folk

Ann Palmer

MostIntellectual MostAthletic MostSchoolSpirit MostLikelytoSucceed

Most Intellectual:

Jim Miller

Alene Evans

Most Athletic:

Dennis Lukehart

Merlene Stout

Most School Spirit:

Tommy Davidson

Jana Deen Slade

Most Likely to Succeed:

Jerry Crowe

Darlene Sego


1961:  The Football Season is summed up best by Coach Bill Slade: "The 1960 football season was very successful from a win and loss view-point.  However we didn't win the District Championship...
Some of the Bright spots the coaches and fans will remember about the season are:  The down field blocking of Chuck Hesser and Melvin McKenzie, the line play of Linden Lukehart, the long spectacular runs of both halfbacks, Larry Hamlett and Kenny Alexander, Larry led the team in scoring and yards per carry average.  The bulldozing yardage of Eddie Harris, the utility work of Danny Sherwood who led the team in Pass interceptions, and last but not least the fine field generalship of Wilbur Atcitty." Track records were also set: 440 Yd. Dash - Wilbur Atcitty          52.8 at District
Med. Relay - Jackie Standfield       3:53.6 at Mission
                    Brent Beckstead
                    Wilbur Atcitty
                    Melvin McKenzie
Mile Relay -  Melvin McKenzie      3:37.8 at District
                    Brent Beckstead
                    Jim Rogers
                    Wilbur Atcitty Valedictorian:  Darlene Moore
Salutatorian:  Maveen Jones Homecoming Royalty:  Mary Ann Thompson (Queen), Ken Alexander, Larry Hamlett, Donald Cluff, Shirley Hamlett, Mary Ann Thompson, Kay Karlin.
TEN YEARS IN THE MAKING: The New gymnasium (now the Karlin gym) is completed in May 1961, later in the year, November 22, 1961 it is dedicated.


Most Likely To Succeed

Most Likely To Succeed:
Marri Yazzie & Joe Prater

Cutest Couple

Cutest Couple: Martha Chavez & Brent Beckstead

Most Athletic

Most Athletic: Danny Sherwood & Kaye O'Dell

Most School Spirit

Most School Spirit: Eddie Harris & Sue Davidson

Best Dancer

Best Dancer: Daleene Falkner & Wayne Collins

Most Talented

Most Talented: Don Jessup & Gail Baker



Boy and Girl

Handsomest Boy: Melvin McKenzie

Prettiest Girl: Geneva Ferguson

Smoothest Line

Smoothest Line: Gary Harris & June Holmes

Most Courteous

Most Courteous: Betty Henderson & Douglas Hawthorne


Senior Class Officers: President Elizabeth Burnett,
VP Sherri Davidson, Secretary Jackie Alley, Ricky Evans, Daleene Falkner

Senior Class Favorites

Senior Class Favorites: Elizabeth Burnett & Brent Beckstead

Christmas Beu and Sweetheart

Christmas Beau & Sweetheart: Tom Tatum & Mary Wheeler

Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen: Martha Chavez


Dineh King & Queen: Eddie Harris & Charolette Golbe



Valedictorian: Rose Palmer

Salutatorian: Sherri Sue Davidson



Band King & Queen: Joe Prater
& Donna Roberts


Mr CHS: Brent Beckstead

Miss CHS

Miss CHS: Betty Henderson



Senior Class Officers
Senior Class Officers
David Lines
Ethel Hunt
G-Ann Worman


Homecoming Royalty
Attendant, Shari Schmitt

Queen, Mary Wheeler

Attendant, Vida Johnson

Attendant, Shari Schmitt Queen, Mary Wheeler Attendant, Vida Johnson



Senior Favorites
Vida Johnson Lorenzo Levaldo
Vida Johnson Lorenzo Levaldo


Best Citizens

Best Citizens
G-Anne Worman Bill Flack


Most Versatile

Most versatile
Catherine Stock David Jackson



Rita Partin

David Lines


Most School Spirit

Most School Spirit
Sharry Wilkerson Wayne Farley



Christmas Beau and Sweetheart

Christmas Beau and Sweetheart
Sweethear Anita Corey Beau Johnnie Kincaid



Dineh Club King and Queen

Dineh Club King and Queen
Vida Johnson Lorenzo Levaldo



One of the finest records in school history came in the 1962 season for the Broncos, 7-1-1.  The only lost came against Bloomfield, and the one tie with Blanding, Utah.  Wayne Farley and Jim Rogers were both on the All State First Team, Jim Rogers was named, also, on the Coaches' North All Star Team.  Richard O'Dell was chosen for the All State Second Team.

The Bronco Basketball team became the District 8B Champions.

Also, The newly organized Central High School gymnastic team, under the direction of Miss June Yurkovich, participated in a gymnastic meet in



Valedictorian:  Jim Rogers
Salutatorian:  Edith Wagnon




Senior class officers:

Mike Perez, Venita Sego, and Johnny Harper

Favorite Seniors: Darwin Slade, Marilyn McCullough Friendliest: Mike Perez, Cynthia Conner
Most school spirit: Richard O'dell, Joy Rose Most Versatile: Inez Prater, Alroy Neskahi Best Citizen: Karen Wester
Campus Beauties: Verely Hopperton, Linda Farnsworth, Jonnye Davis, Pam Foutz, Venita Sego, and Diane Bobst

Christmas Beau and Sweetheart:

Linda Farnsworth, Johnny Harper

Student body officers:

Devid Lancaster, Marilyn McCullugh, Gary Ray

Mr. CHS: Darwin Slade Mrs. CHS: Marilyn McCullough

1963 Class B State Football Champions

Second time in school history to be state football champions defeating Eunice 32-14, the head coach was Bill Slade.

Homecoming queen: Marilyn McCullugh


The Central Bronchos finished the 1963 season with their best record since entering the Class B division, 10-0-1, winning the State Championship against Eunice 32-14 in Kirtland.  Coach Bill Slade was named Class B Coach of the Year.

Fullback Richard O'Dell, Tackle Johnny Harper, and Quarterback Darwin Slade were named to the North All Star Team.

All State First Team: (offense) Mike Wood, center; Ronnie Dedrick, guard; Johnny Harper, tackle; Richard O'Dell, fullback; Darwin Slade, quarterback. (defense)  Richard O'Dell, end; Ronnie Lee, tackle; Russell Van Camp, tackle; Bobby Manus, linebacker.

All State Second Team:  Alroy Neskahi, defensive halfback; Jim Owen, offensive center.

All State Honorable Mention:  Tommy Ross, defensive end; Gary Ray, offensive halfback




Bronco King Queen Mr and Ms CHS
BroncoKingQueen MrandMsCHS

Queen: Mae Yazzie

King: Cody Wilkerson

Queen: Beverly Hopperton

King: Mark Flack



Homecoming Queen Attendant Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen Attendant
HomecomingQueenAttendant1 HomecomingQueen HomecomingQueenAttendant2
Attendant: Beverly Hopperton Queen: Linda Farnsworth Attendant: Toni Abercrombie



Campus Beaties
CampusBeaties CampusBeaties

Katharine Scott

Dezbah Benally

Lorraine Farnsworth

Linda Farnsworth

Jonnye Davis

Beverly Hopperton





Most Versatile Class Favorites Frendliest
MostVeratile ClassFavs Frendliest

Sharon Swapp

Terry Daniels

Eugene Manus

Andrea Biggs

David Yazzie

Beverly Hopperton

Best Citizens Most School Spirit
BestCitizens MostSchoolSpirit

Dennis Hanser

Kathy Foster

Bobby Manus

Linda Farnsworth




Senior Officers

President: Terry Daniels

Vice President: Ronnie Lee

Secretary: Beverly Hopperton



Dine Royalty




1964 Class B State Football Champions

Third time in school history to be state football champions defeating Eunice 14-0, the head coach was Bill Slade.





Bronco King and Queen:
Beverly Foutz & Bill Karlin

Mr. and Miss C.H.S.:
Richard Palmer & Arla Myers

Dine King and Queen:
Elovonne Harrison & James Anderson


Campus Beauties:
Billy Beevers
Katherine Scott

Bill Karlin
Debbir Rife

Greg Schmitt
Rose Lynn Wheeler

Penny Foutz
Dennis Fieldsted

Gaylee Crum
Bill Jenkins

Dorothy Owens
Ricky Brock


Class Officers:
CHarlyne Richins, Greg Schmitt, and Randal Pope


Homecoming Queen:
Arla Myers





Class Oficers:

Secretary: Jessica Brown

President: Bill Beevers

Vice-President: Vemon Beevers

Homecoming Queen: Pat Finley
Dineh King and Queen: Lucinda Yellowman, Vern George Mr. and Miss C.H.S:
Donna Stock, Billy Jack Beevers
Bronco King and Queen: Edna Lines Terry Foutz
Campus Beauties: Charles Medders, Shirley Lowe, Ted Broten, Gloria Coon, Brian Foutz, Glenda Fieldstad, Billy Jack Beevers Teresa Foutz, Wells Bond, Susan Lokehart,John Scott, Pat Finley.


Valedictorian:  Jessica Brown
Salutatorian:  Dan Mudgett


Most Friendly Deneh King and Queen
Most Friendly: Sanda Johnson and Ernest Lamone Deneh king and Queen: Ernest Lamone and Darlene Golbe
Mr. and Miss CHS
Best Citizen: Paula Hogden and Alfred Newman Mr. and Miss CHS: Mark Alexander and Paula Hogden
Most Spirited Bronco King and Queen
Most Spirited: Rose Wheeler and Mike Davidson Bronco King and Queen: Mark Alexander and Gloria Massengale
Most Versatile Senior Class Favorites
Most Versatile: Linda Crum and Jerry Bush Senior Class Favorites: David Christen and Sharon Foutz

(left to right) Rose Wheeler, Vernon Beevers, Sharon Foutz, Terry rousseay, Teresa Foutz, Tony Ulibarri, Frankie Winegar, David Christensen, Lean Alice Perez, Mark Alexander, Dayna Davidson, and Jim Hatch

Rose Wheeler Teresa Foutz
Sharon Foutz
Homecoming Royalty:  Rose Wheeler (Left), Teresa Foutz (top) and Sharon Foutz (bottom).


Valedictorian:  Paula Hogden
Salutatorian:  Charlotte Nothstine



Bronco King and Queen:
Kathy Gannaway & Glen Mahan

Mr. and Miss C.H.S.:
David Mudgett & Patty Stewart

Dine King and Queen:
Leon Harvey & Martha Willie


Campus Beauties:
Dayna Davidson
Jerry Wheeler
Bo Ann Jenkins
Wesley Bloomfield
Pat Pope
David Mudgett
Harvey Beck
Phyllis Wethington
John West
Gretchen Myers
Glen Mahan
Patty Stewart


Homecoming Queen:
Patty Stewart


Senior Class Favorites:
Lynn Currier & David Mudgett


Christmas Beau & Sweetheart:
Meri Fornsworth & Debbie McCullough




Jerry Wheeler
Lea Mahan


Rex Farnsworth
Rhonda Donaldson
Class Officers:
Scott Broten, Jennifer Adams Glen Mahan