Alumni: 1950's



BasketBall Squad

Homecoming Queen and Attendants

Basketball HomecomingQueens




Pep Squad

Senior Football Squad

PepSquad SeniorFootball







Class Officers



Student Council


Annual Staff


Homecoming Queen and Attendants





The school building in 1952


A tip off at Central High The football team of 1952 



Pep Squad


Student Council





1953 Homecoming Queen and Attendants

Gretchen Cline, Sharon Hatch, Beverly Biggs

1953 Carnival King and Queen

Cora Kay Hurlburt, Danny Scoot


1953 Football Team


1953 Basketball Team


Seniors who were in football

Graduating Seniors

'A' Squad

"A" Squad




School Favorites

Senior Best Citizens

Senior Favorites

SchoolFavorites SeniorBestCitizens SeniorFavorites
Danny Scott - Verda Russell Danny Scott - Joyce Stock Danny Scott - Marilyn Durant



Homecoming Queen


Verda Russell

Homecoming Attendant

Homecoming Attendant

HomecomingAttendant1 HomecomingAttendant2

Marjorie French

Marilyn Durant



Student Council Officials


Student Council







FootBall   BasketBall



Senior Favorites - Jack E. Cline and Cora Kay Hurlburt Junior Favorites - Benard Tanner and Bette Jonas
Sophomore Favorites - Arliss Foutz and Myrna Burnett Freshmen Favorites - Bill Winfield and Sue Sherwood

Senior Best Citizens - Jack E. Cline and Jeand Fuson
Junior Best Citizens - Ronald Jack and Pauline Biggs
Sophomore Best Citizens - Pat Maher and Javonna Harper
Freshmen Best Citizens - Douglas Biggs and Gale Hatch

FFA Sweetheart - Josephine Young
FFA Beau - Bill Winfield

Miss CHS - Margie French
Mr. CHS - Warren Gingrich

Homecoming Queen - Joyce Anderson
Attendant - Bette Jonas
Attendant - Corky Hurlburt



Senior Class Officers

Senior Officers
President: Leroy Flack
Vice President: Rodger Pool
Secretary: Mike James
Reporter: Hugh Jones
Student Council: Katy Babcock
George Wishman




Most Likely to Succede

Most Likely to Succeed
Marcia Moore - Mike James


Best All Around

Best All Around
Judy Cline -Leroy Flack


Best Dancer

Best Dancer
Kathy Keeney-Grant Huntsman


Best Athlete

Best Athlete
Barbara Willey - Bye Beckste



Most Beautiful and Most Handsome

Most Beautiful Most Handsome

Dorthy Howe -

George Wishman


Smoothest lines

Smoothest Lines

Cynthia Victor -

Rodney Harris

Best Natured

Best Natured

Katy Babcock -

Bob Jack


Cutest Couple

Cutest Couple

Judy Atwood -

Rodger Pool




Football State Champs

The Broncos Football won the Class C State Championship for the first time in school history. They defeated Tatum 18-14 with Bill Slade as the head coach.


"A" Squad Basketball

"A" Squad Basketball



Miss and Mr. CHS

Miss CHS - Kathy Keeney
Mr. CHS - Rodney Harris