Alumni: 1920's




Above are pictures taken during two of the various plays performed at KCHS during the 1920s



(The school some time between 1917 and 1923)


In 1925 there were only four grade teachers and two high school teachers. Silas Bushman was Principal. There were twenty-two students In 1927 Grace B. Wilson became principal and one high school teacher was added. In 1927-1928 a small, three room brick building was added on to the back area of the school.




Jessie Burnham-1920’s

Mrs. Grayson-1920’s

Jennie Smith,-1920-22

Mercedes Healther-1920-22

Rolena McGee-1920-21

M.C. Bucklin-1920-21

Thelma Burnham-1st-1921

Lucille Kennedy-1921-22

Ethel Taylor-1923-27



Arthur Tanner, 1921-22

Stanley Israel, 1922-23

Leone Burnham, 1925

Cecil Foutz, 1925-1month

Leland Nelson, 1925

Harvey McGee, 1926-27

Roy Walker, 1927-28

Roscoe McGee, 1929-30


Central High Teachers

Mr. Balltosser, 1922-23

Mrs. Balltosser, 1922-23

Arnold Burton, 1923-25

Anna Hendricksen, 1923-24

Vernon Shipp, 1926

Johnny Curtis, 1928

Virginia Bushman

Mrs. Carl Broytis, 1926-27

Mrs. Byron Eddy, 1922-23

Mrs. Watson, 1926

Martha E. Fickel, 1920’s

Mr. Jones, coach

Opal Humble, 1923-24

Leslie Kimball, 1928-29

Jennie M. Smith, 1920-21

Harvey Blom, 1925

Mrs. Vernon Arnold


Bus Drivers


Jim Stock

Gerda Hendrickson

Opal Harper


Marion Brimhall

W.J. Walker


Tom Smouse


Harry Smouse

Roy Harper

Melvin McGee



















Central High School Alumni

Class of 1920

Anna Hendrickson

Alice Ashley

Susan Gabehart


Class of 1921

Kirk Israel

Ethel Taylor

Hulda Brimhall

Goldie Hargus

Thora Gale

Gerda Hedricksen

Class of 1923

Earl Kennedy, 1923

Verna Dustin, 1923

Vera Burnham, 1923

Jessie Burnham

Madge Dustin, 1923



Class of 1926

Lloyd Taylor

Harvey McGee

John Bloomfield

1928 Madge Palmer Owen Bloomfield

Clinton Taylor

Raymond Harper

Ruby Harris

Sara Bloomfield

Calvin Hatch

Valedictorian & Salutatorian 1928

Clinton Taylor & Madge Palmer


Class of


Kleo Biggs

George Bloomfield