Social Studies


Leondro Natonabah- Department Head
Teaches: U.S History/World Geography/NM History
Number of years teaching: 5 years
Degree: He received a bachelors degree from Fort Lewis College
Hobbies: He likes to go fishing and hunting, camping and also likes snowboarding.



Leland Adair
Teaches:World History/ AP World History
Number of years teaching: 20 years
Degree: Has a bachelors degree from UNM
Hobbies: Coaching, reading, and spending time with his family



Jaclyn Keeling
Teaches: U.S. History/ Honors U.S History
Number of years teaching: 2 years
Degree: Bachelors degree in history and teacher education
Sponsors: The Chess club
Hobbies: Reading, Listening to kpop, watching YouTube, writing


Chad Kimball
Teaches: AP Goverment/ Goverment and Economics
Number of years teaching: 6 years
Degree: Bachelors degree in History from New Mexico State University
Hobbies: Plays and coaches soccer and track


Sheri Winward
Teaches: Freshman Academy,New Mexico History, Media Literacy, and Coaches Track
Number of years teaching: 1 year
Degree: BS History Education from Southern Utah University
Hobbies: Crafts, reading biographies, cooking
Other information: KCHS alumni, daughter of Mr. Leland Adair


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