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Cadet Cadre

Battalion Commander: Cristian Brown

Battalion Executive Officer: Antonio Mike

Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Cort John

Battalion S-1: Captain Angel Yellowman

Battalion S-2: Captain Isaiah Poll

Battalion S-3: Captain Ariana Begay

Battalion S-4: Captain Nathan Enoah

Battalion S-5: Captain Jade Selestewa

Headquarters Company Commander: Cristian Brown

Chain of Command


Commander and Chief: President Donald J. Trump


Secretary of Defense: The Honorable Chuck Hagel


Secretary of The Army: The Honorable John McHugh


Army Chief of Staff: General Mark A. Milley


TRADOC Commander: General David Perkins


U.S Army Cadet Command Commander: Brigade General Peggy Combos


5th Brigade Commander: Ricardo Morales


U.S Army JROTC Director: Colonel William Richardson


Senior Army Instructor: Chief Warrant Officer Pedro Larribas


Army Instructor: First Sergeant Daryl Demay


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