Freshman Academy

Ms. Nelson-Department Head

Teaches: English I
Club sponsor: NHS
Degree: MA
Number of years teaching: 8 years of teaching
College: UNH undergrad and UNM graduate
Hobbies: Weaving, reading, traveling, and hanging out with family
"I'm so excited to be teaching English in Freshman Academy!"


Ms. Ortiz

Teaches: Algebra 1, and Intensive Algebra 1
Degree: MA in Science Education, and a MA Cartificate in Sp
Number of years teaching: 30 years of teaching
College: Philipine Normal University, and St. Joseph College


Mr. Robertson

Teaches: Resources Math, Inclusion Geometry, Algebra II
Degree: BA in Criminal Justice, Master in SPED
Number of years teaching: 13 years of teaching
College: Edinboro University, University of New Mexico, Highlands Unviersity
Hobbies: Soccer Referee, Traveling


Ms. Wagner

Teaches: Physical Science, and Honors Biology
Degree: Biology
Number of years teaching: First year of teaching
College: Harding University


Mrs. Winward

Teaches: New Mexico History, and Media Literacy
Degree: BS History Education
Number of years teaching: First year of teaching
College: Southern Utah University
Hobbies: Crafts, reading biographies, and cooking.
Mrs.Winward is a KCHS Alumni, and she is the daughter of Mr. Leland Adair.



Teaches: Algebra 1, and Geometry
Club sponsor: AISES, Sophomore Class
Degree: BS and MA
Number of years teaching: 22 years of teaching
College: NM Tech and UNM
Hobbies: Watching sports
Ms.Yazzie has two children, one at Navajo Prep who is a Junior and one at KCHS who is a Freshman.


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