David Collard- Department Head
Courses: Choir and Guitar
Department: Electives Department, includes Foreign Languages, Navajo Language, Art, Music, P.E, JROTC, FACS, Business, AG Woodshop, Drivers Ed, Credit Recovery, and Health.



Lane Gallaher
Courses: AG Mechanics, Animal/Plant Science, Metal Fabrication, AG, Leadership/Communication, Intro to AG Science
Department: Agriculture
Club Sponsor: FFA
Hobbies: Raising critters, traveling, fishing, and being the cranky Ag teacher

Introduction to Agricultural Sciences
Basic introduction to many sciences associated with agricultural food and fiber production.
Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics
Introduction to mechanical systems and tools used in food and fiber production.
Agricultural Power and Machinery
An in depth look at mechanical systems and engines used in food and fiber production.
NCCER Metal Fabrication and Welding
An in depth classroom and shop based course on how to properly design and fabricate metal structures and correctly weld them together.
Science of large Agricultural Animals
An in depth class on the animal industry used in food and fiber production.



Shirley Pelot
Courses: Art
College: Texas Wesleyan University and University of Wisconsin, River Falls
Degree: BA in art from Texas Wesleyan University

"Being a cowgirl, she chooses mostly western themes in her artwork. Also, I'm a watercolor artist myself."



AJ Carson
Courses: Music Appreciation, Marching/Concert Band, Contemporary Band
College:University of Arkansas
Degree: Degree in Music Education
Hobbies: Playing Sport, Hiking, Video Games, Watching Netflix



Lynn Foster
Courses: Yearbook I, II, and III, Accounting, Adv. Accounting and Word Processing I, II, III
Club Sponsor: Yearbook
College: New Mexico Highlands University
Degree: BA-Business Management and Human Resources, MBA
Hobbies: Save Puppies: Volunteer Foster to Soul Dog Rescue

"Spay and Neuter your pets otherwise, I'll have to end up saving them. I already foster 34 of them."


Credit Recovery

John Zecca
Courses: Credit Recovery, Dual-Credit Courses
Department: Credit Recovery
Club Sponsor: Student Council
Coaches: Girls Basketball
Years Teaching: 15 years
Degree: Criminal Justice and Secondary Education
College: New Mexico State University
Hobbies: Sports, motorcycling, and being in the outdoors.


Driver's Ed

Paul Corley
Courses: Driver's Ed
Years teaching: 29 years
College: Tennessee Temple University
Degree: B.S.-P.E.
Hobbies: Enjoy the outdoors, Hunting, Family time

Driver's Ed. Requirements: Must be 15 years old at the time the class starts. (1st or 2nd semester class = 1/2 Credit)


Family And Consumer Science

Donna Yazzie
Courses: Child Development, Prostart I and II, Fashion Design, Basic Foods, Nutrition
Hobbies: Sewing/quilting, knitting, crocheting, plastic canvas, reading, cooking
Degree: B.S. Home Economics-Secondary and MA Curriculum & Instruction
College: New Mexico State, Arizona State University, NM Tech
Coaching/club sponsor: FCCLA(Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America)

"I totally missed teaching FACS and I love my High School Students"

Child Development
This year we'll begin with dating, relationships, courtship, marriage, then children, including career oriented training about learning to work with young children in day care programs. Geared towards training future child care providers.

Pro-Start Year 1
First and second semester concentrates on learning about restaurants operations, management, cooking, sanitation and safety. Advance foods class study. $20 lab fee.

Pro-Start Year 2
Leads to National certification, year 1. Taking National test recommended. Year 2 of National certification program must have year 1 as a prerequisite. Concentrates on upper level restaurant management, upper level food preparation techniques. Must complete both years to receive certification. This classed is placed on the job (optional) to complete certification. Taking national test recommended for year 2 and job experience (425 hours).

Fashion Design
Concentrates on basics of fashion design, clothing, and quilting construction.

Basic foods concept class related to diet, nutrition, wellness and how it applies to your life. Basic cooking skills and lab fee $10.

Basic Foods
Concepts related to surviving on your own and preparing food to fit nutritional needs. This includes eating on a budget, planning meals and cooking experiences.


Foreign Language

Leonel Camacho
Courses: Spanish I, II, III, IV
Coaches: Golf
College: San Juan College and New Mexico Highlands University
Degree: Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, level 2 license
Hobbies: Southern Baptist Minister and owns a small family produce business


SPANISH 1: Non- speakers of Spanish. Students will learn from the book Spanish for Mastery 1. Students begin at chapter 1 Bienvenidos and end with Chapter 6 Nuestras diversiones. As they complete each chapter, they also work out of the workbook. The teacher helps them review for a test by having them create cards and then playing bingo, without the text book.

SPANISH 2: The students will begin from where they left off the year before. They still work out of the textbook Spanish for Mastery 1. They will begin with Chapter 7- Los Secretos de una buena presentacion and finish the textbook with chapter 10- Dia a Dia

Barbara Sorenson
Courses: Navajo I, II, III, Navajo Studies and Government
Years teaching: 20 years
College: Dine College, Fort Lewis College & New Mexico Highlands University
Degree: B.A. degree from Fort Lewis College, and a Masters degree from New Mexico Highlands University, L2 license
Club Sponsor: Dine Youth Council
Hobbies: Gardening, Watching Good Movies, Traveling/Sightseeing, Rug Weaving, and spending time with family and grand kids.


NAVAJO 1:This course is designed for the Pre-Production/Beginning level of Navajo speakers (according to the Student Oral Language Matrix scale).  It is a Pre-requisite to Navajo Language 2. Students will learn basic vocabulary and phrases by listening and speaking. Instruction will include a lot of interaction with speaking practice, conversation, and TPR. The beginning level of writing the Navajo language and reading will be introduced throughout the school year. Listening and speaking will be the main emphasis to increase vocabulary and understanding.

NAVAJO 2:This course is designed for Early Production to Early Production 2 level of Navajo Speakers (according to the Student Oral Language Matrix scale). Instruction will continue to include a lot of interaction with speaking practice, conversation, and TPR to further increase understanding and responding. Complex writing and reading will be introduced more often.  

NAVAJO 3:This course is designed for Speech Emergence to Beginning Fluency level of Navajo Speakers (according to the Student Oral Language Matrix scale). Instruction and communication will be in the Navajo language.  The students will refine speaking, reading and writing the Navajo language through individual/partner/group project based assignments through Navajo culture. Productions may include video, drama, short stories, and poetry. Students will utilize Din4 language in communications

Health Education

Karl Siozon
Courses: Health
College: Liceo de Cagayan University, Mindanao University of Science and Technology, Cebu Normal University
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy, Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education, and a Diploma for Special Education.
Hobbies: Reading and jogging.


Physical Education

Greg Jenks
Courses: Weight Training
Coaches: Football and Basketball
College: Brigham Young University
Degree: Degree in Spanish and Teaching at Brigham Young University
Hobbies: Spending time with his family and sports


Isaiah Valdez
Courses: P.E.
Coaches: Football, Girl's Basketball, Baseball
College: Eastern New Mexico University
Degree: Bachelor of University Studies in History
Hobbies: Snowboarding, golfing and going to the lake



Walter Eaton
Courses: Woodworking I,II & III

Coaches: Middle School Track and Basketball
College: San Juan
Degree: Secondary Educaton
Hobbies: Hiking, hunting, fishin and most of all meing with my family.


Video Production

To be determined
Courses: Video Production
Club Sponsor:


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