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The Kirtland FFA summed-up


The Kirtland FFA has been affiliated since 1938. There are many  members in Kirtland FFA. The chapter has received many honors such as the superior chapter, chapter safety, BOAC, and numerous parliamentary procedure and public speaking awards. The Kirtland Central High School FFA is located in a  facility behind the school. This  facility includes: an office for the advisor and lobby area with a trophy case. Along with the classroom, the FFA has a shop and a farm where pigs, sheep, llamas, and FFA members' SAEP projects are kept.


Kirtland FFA Alumni Association

The parents of chapter members make up the Alumni Association in Kirtland. They help the chapter in various ways. Fundraisers, chaperoning on trips, sponsorship, and continued support and aid in the smooth running of the chapter. The Alumni is continuously busy, coming up with creative ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to help the chapter in completing their tasks and achieving their goals.  The Kirtland Chapter is made up of students and the Alumni Association is made up of  students' parents. It encourages family values by having family members work together.



President Morgan Miller
Executive Offier Jackson Miles
Executive Officer Tater Scott
Executive Officer Dale Murray

Katelyn Wheeler Morgan Miller

Jonathan Arreola Dale Murray

Baby Goats Jyden Dodge


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